Updates on the Project and still looking for submissions (Topics suggested!)

A couple of updates, including topic suggestions for those among you who would like to write, but don’t know about what.

1) We are up to 10,000 words in submissions, which is good, but not where we want to be.

2) ) We hope to have a cogent explanation of our “profit sharing plan” (assuming there are ever profits^^) up here by the end of next week.

3) We created a little description of the book, hoping that might clarify what we are looking for (you can see our call for submissions here – it has a bit more info):

This book is a collection of experiences and thoughts about Korea from non-Koreans who live there.  If you have just read “Please Take Care of Mother,” seen a Korean movie, heard hallyu, eaten your first bulgogi, had brief encounters with Korean businessmen or used Korean products, this book can provide additional insights into Korea and its culture.

4) Our wish list for topics (feel free to propose your own):

  • Traveling the Countryside of Korea / Travel on the cheap/ Yeogwan experience
  • Street Fashion/Fashion
  • The Art Scene
  • Creating a second family with Koreans
  • Speed of Change (One Submission coming!)
  • Neighborhood disappearance / loss of traditional culture
  • Something on food
  • K-pop / 한류 (Eat your Kimchi?)
  • The Korean internet experience for foreigners / Being a Mac-ie
  • The unsolicited English lesson / the boredom expats have with the Korean conversational “script”
  • Public nature of Korean families
  • Drinking Culture (One Submission in)
  • Korean Wedding
  • Protest Culture
  • Funny stories from dating experiences
  • Noraebang –
  • Jimjilbang/sauna
  • Underground culture
  • English Learning Phemomenon – Korea and English
  • Korea films / dramas
  • Foreign Neighborhoods
  • Outside Seoul?
  • Korean concepts (kibun, “fighting, jeong, han, etc)

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4 Responses to Updates on the Project and still looking for submissions (Topics suggested!)

  1. Adeel says:

    Can I write about country travel?

  2. Adeel says:

    I’m not very good at writing a travel guide, but I feel like I’ve been to a handful of reasonably obscure places around Korea. I could pick 3-4 of them under the theme of “off the beaten path”, although the theme itself is a well-beaten path.

    Alternatively, I wanted to write about life in rural areas touching on the places I’ve been to, but I guess that would fit into your “outside Seoul” topic.

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